Each new video gets you many views right as it is published, but you can also advertise your channel in various ways to increase your popularity between videos. Upgrades bought in the Channel Marketing Store will provide you a steady rate of views every second.

Note that although the game does not tell you this, your income stops accumulating after 15 minutes of being offline. Veterans of the clicker genre will probably assume otherwise and be surprised to not find a treasure trove when they check the game after sleeping or going to work.

Scaling Edit

Early in the game, your income from advertising will completely overshadow your income from the videos themselves. However, the Studio Equipment Store has higher available upgrades than the Channel Marketing Store, meaning that once you buy a few World Tours your views per second will plateau while your video income will continue to grow. At this point it is no longer advantageous to buy any marketing upgrades, and you should instead focus on studio items.

Synergies Edit

  • All of the Cell Phone clickable’s positive cards are based on your views per second in some way.
  • The cash shop bulk views that you can purchase scale on your views per second.

Together with the fact that advertisements stop accumulating after 15 minutes, this means that gaining views per second is surprisingly more suited to active play while making videos is more suited to idle play.