Every once in a while, the developers of Vlogger Go Viral will update the game with limited-time special promotions. These are sometimes deals on cash shop packages, and sometimes special events that affect your game in various ways.


Vlogger-Con - July 6 to July 9 Edit

"There's a super hyped vlogger convention going on. Everybody is talking about it."

This event brought a new topic ("Event") to your choices for making videos. This topic had a high chance of getting 100% viral bonus.

Hype Train Edit

For the price of 8 diamonds, you could get the effect of an Energy Drink for a massive 2 hours rather than the normal 5 minutes. The video timer would count down at 40x normal speed. The catch was that this effect only applied to publishing videos about Vlogger-Con.

Rewards Edit

There were rewards for making certain numbers of videos about this topic while the event is active.

2 Videos: A free diamond.

10 Videos: Vlogger Tiara Hat - A hat that boosts the value of videos about Vlogger-Con.

25 Videos: Hyped Vlogger - A new promotional player avatar.