At the heart of your operation is the ability to publish videos for large instant view gains.

Progress Bar and Tapping Edit

Making each of these videos takes one real-time hour, after the first few shorter ones to get you started.

Tapping the screen will shorten this time by one second for each tap. The game does not have to be open for the time to count down, but you do manually have to press “Publish” when it is done to claim your reward.

As there are 3600 seconds in one hour, this means each tap only gives you 0.028% of the full bar. While this is not nothing, strictly speaking, it is also not all that worth it. Even under the effects of Coffee, you would still need to tap 30 times to shave one minute off the hour timer.

Choosing a Topic Edit

Each video you create will need to be about a particular vlogging topic.

The topics available to choose from are all functionally the same, but each is assigned a hidden popularity value that fluctuates greatly over time. The value ranges from 0% to 100%, and is added as a multiplier to the views you receive from the video once you publish it. For example, if you were slated to receive 100,000 views and picked a topic with 30% popularity, your final views gain would be 130,000.

When you publish enough videos in a single topic to fill its progress bar, that topic will rank up. Each rank adds another 10% to the multiplier. So with 1 topic rank in the previous example you would instead receive 140,000 views.

There is no way to truly predict the popularity of a topic before you finish the video, although the game declares that the comments in Video View will give you at least an indication of which to pick. As there is no penalty to choosing the same topic over and over, it is up to the player to decide whether to focus on ranking up one topic or spreading out and chasing what is popular.

Reaching #1 status with the majority of your videos about a topic will get you that topic's achievement for a few free diamonds. Each topic has one, so you may want to focus on a different topic for each New Channel.

Reward Edit

The reward for a video is determined when the timer hits zero. Any upgrades bought while the timer is running are applied, but any bought afterward are not, even though you may not have pressed Publish yet.

The calculation for the final worth of your video is:

(Studio Equipment value) x (100% + Popularity + (Topic Rank x 10%) + active Hat (Token) bonus)