Vlogger room view

Room View is the main screen of the game, serving both as a hub for menu navigation and as a visual representation of your progress. This page will explain the screen from top to bottom.

Status bar Edit

In the light blue bar at the top, you can see the amount of views you have available to spend. Under that is your current rate of gaining views per second, along with an icon for any active multiplier.

To the right is the number of diamonds you currently have, with a button that takes you to a cash shop to buy more.

On the left in purple is the button that brings you to the system menu, where you can check on your Achievements, examine your stats from past channels, change system settings, and look into other games made by Tapps.

Video Progress Edit

The blue and black bar at the top of the screen shows you how long it will be until your next video is able to be published. It also shows the base amount of views that video will be worth, before rank and viral modifiers.

To the right of the bar is a yellow button you can use to instantly complete the video by spending the amount of diamonds shown.

Clickables Edit

This screen is where you will find the game's various clickables, randomly-appearing icons that when tapped give you special effects.

In the example picture on this page, there is the Cell Phone clickable in the top left of the screen and the Flying Coffee Cup near top center.

Refer to the Clickables page for more information.

The Room Edit

Here your avatar sits, making videos all day, vying for the attention of billions of fans...

Tapping anywhere on the screen (that does not have any of the things listed on this page) will increase your video progress bar by 1 second.

Each item you buy from the Studio Equipment Store will be shown here in your room. When you upgrade the item enough its visual will be upgraded as well.

Current Task Edit

On the bottom right, above the menus, a small bar of text tells you what your current Task is. Tapping this text bar will show you the reward you stand to gain by completing the task.

Refer to the Tasks page for more information.

Menus Edit

From left to right, the menus lead to: