You have an active Task at all times. It is shown at the bottom right corner of room view.

Types of Tasks Edit

Coffee Edit

Tap the randomly-spotted Flying Coffee Cup clickable the specified number of times.

Recording time Edit

Either wait out the time shown, or shorten it with taps. You must have a video in progress for the time to count down. The Flying Coffee Cup will apply its doubling bonus if active.

Clicks Edit

Tap the screen as normal the specified number of times, while having a video in progress. The Flying Coffee Cup does not affect this, as it is only counting your physical taps.

Purchase Edit

Buy the upgrade specified. The task will tell you both the name of the upgrade and whether it can be found in the Room or Channel store.

Video Edit

Complete your current video in progress.

Reward Edit

The reward for completing a Task is usually an immediate bonus of views. The value of the reward is based in some way on your progress in the game, modified by a factor unique to each type of task. It is calculated when you receive the task and not at its completion. On rare occasions, the reward is a diamond instead.

Bugs Edit

There is currently a rather large bug related to Tasks. If you start a New Channel while your current task is to buy an end-game item, your task will remain even though you can no longer buy that item. This means you might go an entire channel's worth of time without the ability to complete tasks.