Vlogger video view

Tapping the big red play button on the bottom left of Room View brings you to Video View. Here you can watch any video you have made, respond to comments for bonus views, and get an idea of what topics are trending.

To view which topics are trending, find a comment that shows a picture that is not a skull, like red lips indicating fashion. There are multiple types of these pictures at the end of the comment, so count the amount of one topic and compare. If you are lucky or just so like to choose random luck, you may do so.

Comments Section Edit

Responding to comments Edit

Every five seconds a comment is left on your page, up to a maximum of 20. You must respond positively or negatively, based on the attitude of the comment. If you respond incorrectly, the bar loses 5 comments worth of progress. The color of the comment matches the button you need to press, so there is no need to actually read the comments to gain the reward.

Haters and Fans Edit

There aren't just fans. There are haters that can decrease your progress bar by 5 points if you press the like button on their comments. They are marked in red text, while fans are marked in green text. Keep an eye out for th topic trends, as they can help you get viral videos.

Reward Edit

As you respond to your fans' comments, the bar underneath slowly fills, and when it is full (at 25 correct responses) you immediately receive 120x your views per second, or two minutes’ worth of views. The current multiplier on your views per second also applies here, so it is extremely lucrative to respond to comments while you have a 4x multiplier active.

Trends Edit

The content of these comments is said to be not purely for aesthetics. If you pay attention to the emoticons in the messages, you can get a feel for which topics the people want from your next video, and thus which will net the biggest viral bonuses. Note: This not been tested, just hinted at by the game.