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Vlogger Go Viral is a mobile clicker-style game for Windows Phone / iOS / Android, created by Tapps Games.

This wiki will tell you everything you need to know to reach the status of #1 vlogger (over and over) faster than ever


Overview Edit

As a game in the clicker genre, the main goal is ever-increasing efficiency in gaining currency (in this case, “views”), which is consumed to buy studio equipment and channel marketing that increase the rate at which more currency is gained. This is not an “idle game” like many other clickers however, as the longest you can be offline from it and still reap any reward is one hour.

Your income of views comes through various paths. Publishing videos gives you time-gated lump sums of views, advertising your channel gives you a passive amount of views per second, responding to comments gives you bonus views based on your advertising, and activating randomly-spawning Clickables augment your earning in various ways.

When you do reach the status of #1 vlogger in the world, the game does not have to end! You can start over with a New Channel to gain Prestige based on how far you got with your last one, and that Prestige can be used to buy hats that confer even faster gains for subsequent runs.

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